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Spring 2007
Check out this elegant piece of work: Handcrafted Guitar .

Winter 2012
Design of Chessmen: Wood and Metal Chessmen .

Spring 2016
Recumbent Bicycle: Recumbent Bicycle .

With the B-29s on Saipan in the Marianas, 1945

The 20th Airforce combat mission logs of W.C. Atkinson.

Notes and pix of other 498th B-29 crews

If you are seeking (or have) information about lost 498th BG Vets go to this page.

Also, see many, many other B-29 links.

A Naturalistic Worldview

If you hold to a naturalistic worldview you may have an interest in the following pages.

Fascism, anyone?

Some takes on the fascism now brewing in America.

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