ASME 1967 Properties of Steam and Water

[Run in MS-DOS mode under WINDOWS-95/98, WINDOWS-XP]

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STEAMTABLES 1.20 for the Engineer's PC- by ATKINSOPHT


STEAMTABLES version 1.01, a PC program, returns all six thermodynamic properties of steam (P, T, V or D, H, S, and moisture fraction) given various initial property argument pairs.

On-screen version: STMLKP, returns in addition the internal energy (U), the specific heat at constant pressure (Cp), and the PV product. Good for instant values (free).

Batch version: STMPRP, does multiple returns from an input data file of unlimited property argument pairs. Good for graphing and plotting ($100).

Fortran callable version: STMINT, subroutine calls for properties at any point in a Fortran program requiring the properties of steam ($250).

Download the freeon-screen version!

Program Attributes

o Four-way, three-point Lagrangian (parabolic) interpolations in a sparse 
  version (32,000 binary entries) of the ASME 1967 Steam Tables held in memory
o Fast- no slogging through IFC formulations
o Versatle- Wide range of available calling argument pairs (27)
     Saturation line: C-p, C-t, C-v/d, C-h, C-s, where C= 1 liquid, 2 vapor
   Superheated vapor: P-t, P-v/d, P-h, P-s, T-v/d, T-h, T-s, V/D-h, V/D-s, H-s
     Moisture region: P-v/d, P-h, P-s, P-m, T-v/d, T-h, T-s, T-m
                      where m= moisture fraction
    Subcooled liquid: P-t, P-v/d, P-h, P-s
o Consistent results in the critical region (3208.2p, 705.47t)
o English-to-SI and SI-to-English units conversions
Inquire about:
o STMINT source code (FORTRAN 77) available for compilation and linking with
  your source code requiring the properties of steam
  o One subprogram call--CALL STMINT(PROP, N, M, UNITS)--does it all
  o Returns all six properties to row N of an array PROP(M,7), and returns a
    six mode error switch to COMMON /CONTRL/ SUBSW
  o Multiple (M) property rows may be returned in a single CALL
  o Calling code may be in C or C++ where the calling of FORTRAN routines 
    is supported. 
o STMPRP, a data file version, available for large simultaneous and multiple lookups for assembling tables and curves o On-line input data form o STMEFF, for calculating turbine and pump stage group efficiencies.

o 25 page User's Manual ($50)
o Technical support


Wherever the properties of steam and water are required in computer computation STEAMTABLES has a place.

Required PC Computer Resources

o 1040 kb of hard disk space
o 360 kb of RAM

STMLKP is Available Free

Download the free STMLKP.ZIP now.

1. Save STMLKP.ZIP in a new directory d:\STMLKP on your hard disk.
2. Leave the web and return to or go to your MS-DOS environment, or to WINDOWS 95/98, or WINDOWS-XP.
The program will run only in the DOS prompt environment.
3. Go to d:\STMLKP.
3. Unzip the file: PKUNZIP d:\STMLKP.ZIP
4. Read the file d:\STMLKP\README.1ST and proceed from there.

Inquiries to:
Email: Atkinsopht

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