The Most Accurate and Comprehensive Model Available
Based largely on Crane Co. Tech. Paper No.410
Contol Valves by MasonNeilan Methods

[Run in MS-DOS mode under WINDOWS-95/98, WINDOWS-XP]

© 2001 Atkinsopht (12/20/12)


STREAMLINES 1.20 for the Engineer's PC- by ATKINSOPHT

I believe this model to be more versatile and accurate than any other DOS or WINDOWS-based general engineering network flow program available.
Compare STREAMLINES sample problem results- many from Crane Co. Tech. Paper No.410- with the results of your current flow program. You may be surpised.

STREAMLINES version 1.20, is a PC program modeling the steady-state flow of homogeneous Newtonian fluids in pipes, ducts, loops, trees, and networks. This program is for mechanical, HVAC, chemical, and civil engineers and designers needing accurate, comprehensive, and well documented answers to practical problems of duct and pipe sizing, fan and pumping power, pressure and flow control, and complex system behavior.

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Program Attributes

o 100 nodes and streams (links)
o Design or performance models
o Air, water, liquids, gases, or saturated and superheated steam
o Density, viscosity, and vapor pressure calculated for air, water, and steam
o Darcy-Weisbach, Hazen-Williams, Isothermal, or Weymouth solutions
o Laminar, critical, transition, and fully-turbulent flow regimes
o English or SI units (and HVAC water column forms)
o Static or total pressure basis
o Vary temperatures (densities, viscosities, and vapor pressures) at nodes
o Circular, rectangular (HVAC), and irregular conduit crossections
o Partially full channels (if constant velocity or non-critical flow)
o External supply and demand flows
o Open or close links at will
o Multiple parallel links, e.g., heater tube bundles treated as a single link
o Node elevations and site altitude
o Loss data entered as L/D, Kt, or Cv
o Pressure control, differential, back pressure, and check-relief valves and dampers
o Modulating flow-control valves (MasoNeilan methods)
o Reservoirs, tanks, and standpipes
o Pumps/fans (in series and in parallel; fluid hp calculated)
o Pressures and fan characteristics corrected for speed and altitude
o Pump characteristics corrected for wheel diameter, speed, and density
o Mathematical flow functions for louvers, sprinkler heads, filters, cooling towers, silencers, etc.:
(p2-p1) = C1 *(w /C2)x

o Simultaneous, independent, multi-network solutions
o Make pipe and duct sizing data files
o Accumulate customized fluid property vs. temperature files
o Automatic hard disk program installation (and removal)
o Makes use of color screen text
o Interactive, run-time, program control
o Edit simple on-screen input data form
o Input data files may contain unlimited user comment, job documentation, and heading lines
o 120 page User's Manual ($75)
o More than 80 sample problems
o Six-page Tutorial
o Printer program and support
o Program support

The software is available free
but ATKINSOPHT encourages requests for proposals better to facilitate fluid flow engineering services

User Comment

1. Mike Halloran offers: "'Streamlines' solves pipe networks and includes a ... decent simulation of centrifugal pumps[.]"


Wherever fluids are piped, ducted, or controlled- in building service, power, process, scientific, HVAC, and municipal systems; in power and chemical process plants, refineries and manufacturing facilities; for gas turbine inlet and exhaust ductwork; in the design of wind and water tunnel circuits; boiler forced and induced draft; gas and oil pipelines; district distribution systems; fire protection; experimental and laboratory flow set- ups -STREAMLINES has a place.

Program Input Data

In order to protect and to guarantee the integrity of your results STREAMLINES contains no hidden data or "default" values, or tables of sizes, or of friction loss characteristics.

STREAMLINES does not create an awkward network diagram; you thus avoid being locked into the limitations and rigid conventions usually offered. No new editing device to learn! Make your own creative and versatile network sketch.

For network-
o Solution equation ID
o Fluid ID (air, water, steam, and any other as oils, gases, blood, etc.)
o Input and output units ID (English or SI)
o Site altitude

At nodes-
o Initially estimated pressures
o External flow
o Temperature (may vary node-to-node)
o Valve or device characteristic (check, back pressure, flow control, etc.)
o Pump or fan characteristics
o Flow function characteristics

For links-
o Inside circular, rectangular, or irregular (wetted perimeter) dimension
o Length
o Friction loss characteristic as L/D, Kt, Cv, or H-W coeff.
o Open or closed code
o Number of identical parallel paths

Program Output Results

At nodes-
o Elevation
o External flow
o Pressure(s)
o Temperature, density, viscosity, and vapor pressure
o Pump/fan fluid power and adjusted performance characteristics
o Average temperature, density, and viscosity

At links-
o Hydraulic and equivalent circular diameters
o Crossectional area
o Flow
o Velocity
o Velocity pressure
o Total (friction) pressure loss
o Reynolds' number
o Darcy friction factor
o Relative roughness
o Net equivalent length
o Net positive head (for liquids with a defined vapor pressure)
o Hydraulic grade line (for civil engineers)
o Flow/pressure first derivative (sensitivity factor)

In general-
o Registered owner's company name on all printed output.
o 150 warning and error messages
o Input ("echo") Log as permanent record
o Program Log (error and solution messages)
o Two levels of automatic output file backup

Required PC Computer Resources

o 1040 kb of hard disk space
o 360 kb of RAM
o An ASCII text editor (e.g., MS-EDIT)

STREAMLINES Version 1.20 is Available Free


Download the USER'S MANUAL- first.

Read the Manual. There is no better way to appreciate the unique capacities of STREAMLINES than to read the manual, especially first the WELCOME section "Man02_Wel.doc". Written in MS Word 2002, zipped with WinZip, and when unzipped each section is a separate Man00_xxx.doc file. Make a home for the new manual files in: d:\STRMLINS\MANUAL\
The pagination is set up for two-sided (odds, then evens) printing if desired.

Download the full program STREAMLINES- STRMLINS.ZIP now. Zipped with PKZIP.

1. Save STRMLINS.ZIP in a new directory d:\STRMLINS on your hard drive.
2. Leave the Web and return to or go to your MS-DOS environment, or to WINDOWS 95/98, or WINDOWS-XP.
The program will run only in the DOS prompt environment.
3. Go to d:\STRMLINS.
4. Unzip the file: PKUNZIP d:\STRMLINS.ZIP -d
[The -d switch unzips and creates three \STRMLINS subdirectories \CRANE, \XMPLS, and \PRINT.]
5. Read the file d:\STRMLINS\README.1ST and proceed from there.

Friction Loss Coefficients for Pipes and Ducts

Free companion on-screen software for finding loss coefficient estimates for pipes and ducts of all sizes, crossections, materials, and many geometric configurations.

Download the free LOSSCALC.ZIP now.

1. Save LOSSCALC.ZIP in a new directory d:\LOSSCALC on your hard drive.
2. Leave the Web and return to or go to your MS-DOS environment, or to WINDOWS 95/98, or WINDOWS-XP.
The program will run only in the DOS prompt environment.
3. Go to d:\LOSSCALC.
4. Unzip the file: PKUNZIP d:\LOSSCALC.ZIP
5. Read the file d:\LOSSCALC\README.1ST and proceed from there.

STREAMLINES has been developed by mechanical engineers with more than 25 years experience in computer applications and engineering in the power plant, building service, HVAC, and industrial facilities design fields.

ATKINSOPHT is an engineering consulting and software development office currently working on new applications in the mechanical engineering analysis field.

Inquiries to:
Email: Atkinsopht

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