Peak Force vs. Rating

© 2001 Atkinsopht (01/09/04)

Figure 1 Figure 1

Figure 1 shows the benefit of playing it strong and easy vs. light and fast. Light pull and high stroke rate are here compared to strong pull and lower rating for equal total rower power output. Even though the heavier pull causes greater blade slip and poorer blade efficiency it wins out on increased rower efficiency largely owing to greatly reduced internal momentum losses (from 355 to 213 J/stroke) which are required whenever rating is increased. Keep in mind that the only way that rating can be increased is by reducing the free return time which, in turn, requires increased momentum effort.

The velocities agree with the rule: V2 = V1 [F2/F1 x R2/R1]^0.333 where V is shell average speed, F is oarhandle effort, and R is rating.

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