A Useful Empirical Equation

© 2001 Atkinsopht (02/24/05)

When the ROWING model is run to look at the relation between average shell speed and total rower power expended the results agree with P = K(V^3) usually within a few, say two, percent. But the relation does not hold well using only the oarhandle power (that is, excluding the power expended at the footboard and lost in the rower's body).
I have found another empirical relationship that seems to hold in ROWING more precisely (within less than one percent), but it does not directly involve power:

V2 = V1 *(R2/R1 *F2/F1 *K1/K2)0.365 where:

V= avg. shell speed, m/s; R= stroke rating, 1/min; F= peak oarhandle pull force, N; and K= shell fluid resistance factor, N-sec^2/m.

Thus, knowing the present speed, a new speed may be immediately and accurately estimated for a change in rating, force, and/or shell resistance- all other factors being equal.

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