Racing Start

© 2005 Atkinsopht (03/17/09)

The ROWING model is not specifically set up to model starts but it looks as though 90% of race speed is achieved in about fourteen strokes for a single and twenty strokes for an eight, assuming the same rower peak oarhandle pull at each stroke. This is a more or less theoretical result. "Race speed" is less than the speed that would be attained if the starting stroke effort were maintained continuously. Thus, in reality, "race speed" would be attained in fewer than fourteen (or twenty) strokes.
About fifty percent of race speed is achieved by the end of the first stroke and sixty percent by the end of the second stroke regardless of crew size.
This could be easily verified in the field using the modern speed measuring devices; I would be happy to have some feed-back. In fact, V. Kleshnev has recently analysed the racing start with conclusions largely confirming the ROWING result for full sweep strokes. He shows that there is gain to be realised in varying the the sweep range for the first few strokes.

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