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Croker, Howard- Oars and oarblades; Surf equipment

Concept II- Dreissigacker oars; Oars and oarblade design: Big Blade, Smoothie, Vortex Edge; Concept-II ergometers

Davenport, Mike- The Nuts and Bolts Guide to Rigging and electronic rigging newsletter

Carl Douglas Racing Shells- Fine Small-boats/ AeRowing low-drag riggers/ Advanced accessories (boats) (riggers)

Dudhia, Anu- Oxford University; FAQ: Physics of Rowing, etc.

Durham Boat Company- Dreher oars; Oars and oarblade design: BB-Series, Apex; RowPerfect ergometer

Fluent, Inc.- Finite-element Navier-Stokes modeling of solid forms in fluids. Model static oarblade forms for lift and drag determinations.

Kleshnev, Valery- Biomechanics of Rowing newsletter

Rantilla, Ron- Inventor of the FrontRower; Proven faster than a single scull

Rat Island Rowing Club- A wry commentary on my take on managing the free return momentum

Roosendaal, Sander- A serious new (2010) rowing physics site by an accomplished rower

Row2k- A comprehensive rowing site with many useful links

The Rowing Service- Rachel Quarrell's exhaustive compendium of rowing links worldwide

Top100 Rowing Sites- Go to find your site standing and to explore new links

Queensland, Rowing Racing- Links to many copies of the Web-available AIS Rowing Biomechanics Newsletter

van Holst, Marinus- Delft University, prof. emeritus; Simulations of rowing: ergometer, recovery, lift and drag- the only other comprehensive rowing model extant. Effect of variation of shell speed on slide, blade surface area, and blade cant angle.

Vaughan, Roger- An interesting paper on the subject of velocity "check" and drive/run period ratios using real-world data.

Virus Boats- Sliding rigger designs; fast!

WaterRower- The smooth, silent rowing exerciser with the feel of real water.

Young, Ken (deceased)- University of Washington; Shell acceleration, hydrodynamic lift in sculls, overhead bridge photo's, etc. ift.html

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